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 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 14:58:20
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Kenora, Ontario
We are here: @truckers4fredom to give you the best protest to end the mandates
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 14:53:25
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Repost and follow us @truckers4fredom if you agree
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 14:40:47
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 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:08:16
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Our friends from @buyivermectin said they will deliver IVM to you, you can give them a follow for more information on their page

 Truckers4Fredom  reposted...
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 13:53:14
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All Fired Up For Freedom!

Truckers Poem

149 street & 121 Ave

We plan to come to USA very soon, follow us @truckers4fredom to keep updated with this plan
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 13:38:02
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Update: It is impossible to show the full size of the convoy and many wait for hours in order to be able to join it! There are also smaller ones which act locally to put pressure and you can join them.

Our friends from NORD VPN are offering protection on the internet against government spies so that everyone is safe when surfing the web, and you can find more info here:
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 13:30:28
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Gettr: pqpwbyc417

Hey @TuckerCarlson, $5.3m raised in GoFundMe for a Canadian truckers convoy protesting vaccine mandates and promoting freedom. 1000’s of truckers heading to Ottawa. Canadian gov lackies trying to sabotage the fundraising effort. Be great if you could give us @truckers4fredom some love. RT hard!
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 13:16:00
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Police officer supports Truckers for Freedom: “I'm just i really wanted to give a shout out to all the truckers, I think what you guys are doing is incredible, you're fighting for our rights and #Freedom and right now,....”

Tell everyone to follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile above to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 13:04:33
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An aboriginal gal beating a drum and wearing a pride flag came out to support these "xenophobic and extremist truckers." She even shouted "Never give up" as the convoy rolled on through Winnipeg. People are uniting for freedom. Trudeau, NWO, Pfizer, Bill Gates, and all of them are the common enemy.
Truckers for freedom has massive support everywhere!!! Follow us @truckers4fredom on gettr for updates
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:48:50
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 Francisc Bab🌀 / @Francisc2021 01/26/2022 08:31:56
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“My name is Miggy, 11 years old. I drew this one for you, fighting with you and my Dad who lost his job due to the mandates. Thank you for standing up for us, our heroes."

 Truckers4Fredom  reposted...
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:45:59
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Image Name: e5b5c65a1cd2d4e174a1965a4bb13f177d9ecd2792daa4525ef7c37a68391860.mp4
Filename: e5b5c65a1cd2d4e174a1965a4bb13f177d9ecd2792daa4525ef7c37a68391860.mp4

Drone footage of the massive convoy of truckers passing through the town of Dryden, ON.

This footage does not do justice to the length of the convoy. We will try to capture better ones.

Tell everyone to follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile above to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:41:41
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Truckers asking for ALL supporters of the Freedom Truckers Convoy, all Canadians to keep it peaceful and clean.

No violence, profanity etc. Keep your eyes open for agents provocateur!


Tell everyone to follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile above to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:30:46
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Update : 1k to 10k American truckers crossing the border to join our convoy.

I am also seeing so many calls by and for the indigenous community to join.

This movement is growing by the minute and we march for everyone including the indigenous people of Canada and the world.

Tell everyone to follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile above to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:23:14
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Image Name: 092d8c3ff9c1df73abe504871ef2e7aff9a224a641bdcb7df7f36c48a3845172.mp4
Filename: 092d8c3ff9c1df73abe504871ef2e7aff9a224a641bdcb7df7f36c48a3845172.mp4

UPDATE: People of Vermilion Bay show their support as truckers convoy passes through their town.

They may be standing longer than an hour due to the length of the convoy.

We thank our friends @nocovidvaccines for promoting us here on gettr, they are great and you can give them a follow
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:19:43
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Image Name: f9685df1fcfca79b581475bcfeb88e11271b2d717bfd4267a11dedafaf24f8e1.mp4
Filename: f9685df1fcfca79b581475bcfeb88e11271b2d717bfd4267a11dedafaf24f8e1.mp4

You wanted to see the trucks, here they are!
We thank you @noledjoker for promoting us here on gettr and you can follow their work, they are a group of Nole Djoker fans and awesome!
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:12:18
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Gettr: pqp1wg7570

We have already raised more than 5.3 million CAD and the fundraiser is up, don't believe the news that said it was cut down. We thank you for all your support and we will do our best to bring down the mandates for you, for us, for everyone:
Repost and follow us @truckers4fredom to bring the trucks to Washington DC next week!
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 12:04:33
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Image Name: acfce9fc61b18568ee982934f0bae70a.jpg
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Repost and follow us @truckers4fredom to bring the trucks to Washington DC next week!
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:59:10
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Everywhere the truckers pass for freedom they are loudly applauded by the population!
If you support #truckersforfreedom write down your gettr id in the comments so that others can find you and follow you, we love you all!
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:53:55
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Gettr: pqoz4868bb

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Filename: 4b46d5dd00a695ee5389d534b36b3a776f35215e5f59b698fc990bce5e3916f7.mp4

These are the true heroes, the women and man who support us so that we can do what we do and bring freedom. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!
For more updates follow us here @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in our profile to support, a business that supports #truckersforfreedom
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:37:05
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Gettr: pqp571375b

Image Name: b960e03654fedd5eecbc4ad9586ec9d6282edae0c3b843bf70b66530dd881884.mp4
Filename: b960e03654fedd5eecbc4ad9586ec9d6282edae0c3b843bf70b66530dd881884.mp4

UPDATE: Convoy is approaching Vermilion Bay, ON
Tell everyone to follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile above to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:30:42
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Image Name: 80100e6deb97a2b45ad7226f96fb96eb4c17e9eccdf9862074f1bcd6df6388eb.mp4
Filename: 80100e6deb97a2b45ad7226f96fb96eb4c17e9eccdf9862074f1bcd6df6388eb.mp4

UPDATE: Convoy has passed Kenora, Ontario and will be arriving in Thunder Bay sometime in the next 2 - 3 hours
We are happy to meet you gettr friends and grateful for your support, more updates about the caravan if you follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile in the profile to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:26:01
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Gettr: pqp5i5ed35

Image Name: 2cd966769f6906dcb8b85f1916c4d95b879ea0c4cc80a38cd59e3565e0194cb9.mp4
Filename: 2cd966769f6906dcb8b85f1916c4d95b879ea0c4cc80a38cd59e3565e0194cb9.mp4

Truckers for Freedom is not only for the Truckers but for EVERYONE even those that took the covid vaccine and are happy with their decision. We defend Freedom for Everyone across the globe. Follow us @truckers4fredom for updates and there is a link in our profile to support the movement, with a business that supports freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:15:12
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Image Name: d812db1484ac758567a506ef6ae1a6beea049b1fcbb595a3e9d8f37744a5c88a.mp4
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Can this truckers for freedom idea migrate across the world? #TruckersForFreedom2022
It can with your help with your inspiration and force.
Italian truckers and port workers have already started the movement a few months ago, with your lifeforce the spark can be reignited.
Tell everyone to follow us @truckers4fredom and there is also a link in the profile above to support the movement, with a business that is supporting truckers for freedom.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:09:14
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Gettr: pqoybhb478

 Joose75 / @Joose75 01/26/2022 11:08:44
Gettr: pqoybhb478
Follow @Truckers4Fredom for live updates on the caravan.

 Truckers4Fredom  reposted...
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 11:08:17
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Gettr: pqok7nb374

Image Name: a22ac02bda856855c2c046e0edfd2139.jpg
Filename: a22ac02bda856855c2c046e0edfd2139.jpg

Thank you all for your support and our goal is to bring freedom and end the illegal mandates in ALL countries that are ready, not only in Canada, #truckersforfreedom for freedom is going global! Follow us @truckers4fredom to support the movement and there is also a link in our profile with a business that supports freedom, visit it to support everything that happens here.
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 06:56:20
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Gettr: pqoaoqaca6

Image Name: 7c1b991011e902734a82822cdef057b0.png
Filename: 7c1b991011e902734a82822cdef057b0.png

Truckers for Freedom is not just for Canada but for the world, and with your help we will free every country that wants to be free. Follow us @truckers4fredom worldwide and let everyone know we are here
 Truckers4Fredom / @Truckers4Fredom 01/26/2022 06:46:52
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Gettr: pqocuadb8a

Image Name: 31ee7a603a818e6c48e03781ee409be52d054658e792859201df33b341306f9a.mp4
Filename: 31ee7a603a818e6c48e03781ee409be52d054658e792859201df33b341306f9a.mp4

Soon #TruckersforFreedom will go worldwide on a tour, let everyone know we are here and follow us @truckers4fredom
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