FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
1. What is this site?
We all love QMAP and other sites - however there are more research oriented folks that need more from a site - and this site is designed for them - improved search - automatic delta calculation and more.
2. I am a researcher/autist and have a request for functionality for the site, how do I ask you?
Click the "Contact" link in the site menu to send a message.
3. Why is there a drop 0 listed on this site?
Because I and many others believe that the current drop 128 indicates that the first batch of drops equates to an encrypted puzzle (When does a map become a guide?). Well, typically encryption works in 128 bit/byte blocks. So it's only natural and fitting that 0-127 would make up those 128, leaving the current drop 128 (which is really the 129th drop) as the "key" somehow (You have the keystone?). We just need to crack it. News unlocks.
4. Why does your search bar not autofill terms?
Two reasons. 1. As someone who has done a fair amount of analytics work, I can tell you that one of the largest problems is introduction of bias into data discovery and analysis. By eliminating "suggestions" I am attempting to help you the researchers become more familiar with your subject matter, and hopefully I am not planting ideas in your head. 2. As some studies are starting to show, all this "automatic" stuff is actually hurting us - for instance it is being found that people who rely upon GPS only, and do not navigate by learning actually have decreased brain function. By requiring you the searcher to understand your own subject matter better, I believe I am helping you build your brain in the best way possible.
5. Why am I Seeing "Pepe the frog" all over the place?
We changed the way images load to speed up the overall website performance. Pepe acts as a placeholder until the real image loads.
6. Why don't your tweet numbers line up with Qmap's?
Gathering tweets is a tedious and often error filled process. Since I started late on gathering tweets, I used Trump's twitter archive as my seed. That site has captured more than any other site tracking Trump, and even they are missing some. So in short, it takes multiple sites to catch it all.
7. Why do the POTUS tweets look different here than everywhere else on the web?
First, my goal was to expose as much data from the tweets as possible - you cannot accomplish that using the standard twitter website widgets. Secondly, since I had to do things differently to accomplish the first goal, I took this opportunity to make the tweets look similar to the Q drops to aid in "decode/Q" style viewing. People have become accustomed to reading and decoding Q drops in specific ways. Given that Q said to "learn our comms", we must look at POTUS (Q+) in the same way, thus the tweet presentation you see on this website.

More to come.