Q Drops site

General notes

If you perform searches and they are a search you want to save, simply save the URL shown in the URL bar.

Buttons are present on each post (and in search results).
The first icon ( ) copies a link to the post to your clipboard. This link will generate a special preview when used on sites that supports link previews.
As a part of each post being loaded onto this site, a graphic/jpeg image of the post automatically is automatically generated.
The second icon ( ) copies a link to this jpeg image of the post to your clipboard (remember, per Q images are difficult for [them] to scan/read).
The 1 year and 2 year delta buttons generate a 14 day spread around "today" so you can see what's been and what is coming soon.

Search System

Two different search boxes are available.
The first is for searching exact post numbers.
Search by entering a single drop number, multiple drop numbers separated by commas (i.e. 1,3,4,5,100), or with ranges (i.e. 1,10-20). Results will be sorted descending, unless reverse drop order option is checked.

The second search box is for word and the optional date searches.
The search is currently a boolean word search.
All searches are case insensitive.
This search box is not a "fuzzy" search, meaning it will not finds words that are similar to what was searched.

Enhanced Search

If the "Enhanced search" box is checked in Q Drop Display Options, this alters search behavior so you can find items such as "Q+" or "+++". If Enhanced Search is on, normal word searches may behave oddly, some will work.
With "Enhanced search" turned on you can also perform OR and AND searches.
To perform an OR enhanced search (i.e. A OR B) simply type in A B (including the space) and the system will search for A OR B.
To perform an AND enhanced search use &&. For example, [rr] && [mueller] returns results that only contain BOTH those terms.

If you want to send that search to someone, you will need to add a switch to the URL so the search will work, even if they do no have enhanced search turned on.
Add &esearch=true to the end of the URL:
OR you can use the copy search link icon ( ) to give you the link automatically.

Items searched with enhanced search: Q's message, "reply" messages, media/file names, device ID.

FOR THOSE USING MOBILE DEVICES - IF YOU USE A QUOTED SEARCH AND WISH TO SHARE - USE THE ( ) button to copy the link - otherwise the URL will be invalid.

Explanation of Q Drop Display Options:

1. Q Drop Deltas - checking this box turns on automatic delta calculation that displays the time difference between each Q drop.
2. Q Reply Deltas - checking this box turns on automatic deltra calculation that display the time difference between a Q Reply to another message.
3. Drops with Images - checking this box shows only drops with images or videos.
4. Reverse Drop Order - checking this box reverses the drop order from latest to first, to first to latest.
5. Allow Menu Scroll - checking this box allows the menu to scroll off the screen - handy for mobile users.
6. Disable DST Adjust - checking this box adjusts all timestamps so that they are all set to your current timezone, inclusive of DST setting.
7. Show Epoch Time - checking this box will display the raw epoch timestamp for the drop.
8. Calc Drop/TS - checking this box performs an automatic calculation of adding all numbers in the Q Drop number, and same for Epoch TS if visible.
9. Enhanced Search - turns off full text search and turns on a special search that allows searching for things like Q+.
10. Sort by Q Calc - reorders results by the calculated value of the q drop number, then by timestamp.
11. Sort by Epoch Calc - reorders results by the calculated value of the epoch timestamp field, then by timestamp. If both Sorts (Q Calc, Epoch) are turned on, Epoch takes precedence.
12. Think Mirror - creates a pure mirror image of each drop, forcing layout to 2 columns for easy comparison.
13. Q Abbreviations - turns on underlining for many of the abbreviations Q uses, hover (or click on mobile) and a popup will appear that explains the abbreviation.

More to come later.