QAgg Local Aggregator The files on this page when downloaded and unzipped into a single directory create a "local" version of QAgg (minus some functionality). You can put these files in a directory on your Windows, MacOS or Linux machine and use them as you would the regular QAgg website. All these files will fit on a 2GB Thumb/USB drive so you can also carry them around with you. Should Q start posting again this page will be updated with a new file to download along with any new images. Simple install 1. Download all files into a single folder/directory. 2. Unzip in place. 3. Ctrl-O in a browser, navigate to folder where files are unzipped - open index.html.
QAgg Local Master Zip File: (5MB) Q image files (large, may take small amount of time to download) MUST DOWNLOAD AS A COMPLETE SET: (32MB) imagepack.z01 (32MB) imagepack.z02 (32MB) imagepack.z03 (32MB) imagepack.z04 (32MB) imagepack.z05 (32MB) imagepack.z06 (32MB) imagepack.z07 (32MB) imagepack.z08 (32MB) imagepack.z09 (32MB) imagepack.z10 (32MB) imagepack.z11 (32MB) imagepack.z12 (32MB) imagepack.z13 (32MB) imagepack.z14 (32MB) imagepack.z15 (32MB) imagepack.z16 (32MB) imagepack.z17 (32MB) imagepack.z18 (32MB) imagepack.z19 (32MB) imagepack.z20 (32MB) imagepack.z21 (32MB) imagepack.z22 (32MB) imagepack.z23 (32MB) Additional file that creates an "image index": - unzip in the qdrops directory to get a view with links of each image and each drop. (700k)