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 The People’s Convoy / @peoplesconvoy 03/08/2022 10:05:24
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Livestream for The People's Convoy!

Subscribe now & watch when we go live!

 The People’s Convoy / @peoplesconvoy 03/08/2022 09:01:49
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 bobbiesommers / @bobbiesommers 03/08/2022 09:00:58
Gettr: pyuhsi6089
Game Over. The @peoplesconvoy has won- almost ALL the 😷 mandates have been rolled back. You are heavenly patriots!

It’s not over until there is full accountability! Thank you for your support!
 The People’s Convoy / @peoplesconvoy 03/07/2022 10:57:09
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Image Name: 71aebaad1f9d2fbd1be1317f100a956c.jpg
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DC Beltway here we come for the second time!

Today we will be rolling 2 WIDE and 1 time around and will return to Hagerstown Speedway for the night. DC has been in contact with us!!!

Departure: From the Hagerstown Speedway, turn left onto Rt 40 to I-81s to I-70e to I-270s to I-495s.

Return: I-495 to I-270n to I-70w to I-81n to (exit 5b) to the AC&T truck stop to refuel. From there, we will drive I-81n one exit to Rt 40 (exit 6b) to the Hagerstown Speedway.

Hey DC, if you weren’t sure from yesterday just how BIG we are, here’s your chance to get a second look! Oh and PS, we are growing by the minute!!

We will hold the line! YOU WORK FOR US!


 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:35:25
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Give planes to Ukraine. Pass it on.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:29:39
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Gettr: pylw9d6ca0

F Trump and F Joe Biden both are incompetent at best and both are vaxxed. Sheeps
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:28:51
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Gettr: pylry7f0db

What happened to Truth social? Nothing. I am glad trump people are out of here and that gettr no longer supports trump. Gettr is independent great. Also biden people are vile and full of venom and hate and spill to people that dont deserve it. Im glad they are out of here too. Screw trump and screw biden screw them both. Also gettr is not pro china as some vile newspaper say. Truth social is kinda down but people pro trump should go there and leave this place for good.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:09:20
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If CCP says they will pull the nuclear war if we dont help Taiwan would USA be bullied? Get real, these threats mean nothing and they know it.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:08:18
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Gettr: pylezt24bc

 正道天下 / @FreeFish 03/06/2022 18:33:50
Gettr: crcmt6c33f
Thank you! We stand with Taiwan, We stand with Truckers, take down the CCP!💪💪💪

Take down the CCP.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:07:34
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Gettr: pylpmn884f

 MitchMorti / @MitchMorti 03/06/2022 22:03:49
Gettr: crd7ia1ed2
Ukraine has literal nazi’s fighting for them.
I do not support nazi’s.
Screw you and the Azov Battalion.

Really?:) you have the picture of ceausescu you communist. spewing lies that only weak people who took the vaccine believe you
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:06:22
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Gettr: pyld7p8f23

 scootertramp / @ScooterTramp 03/06/2022 22:03:06
Gettr: crddu44db8
That's some stupid shit right there. Hoping you own Country would get attacked by another Nuclear power, possibly starting WWIII.

Bla bla bla, any loser can pull this nuclear war bluff, its time we call it for what it is a bluff and do what needs to be done to stop the war.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:05:05
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 Resistance352 / @Resistance352 03/06/2022 22:04:21
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TRUCKERS BE VERY AWARE! @Truckers4Fredom @WarRoom @SteveBannon @joerogan @RealStewPeters @theblaze @EpochTimes @Project_Veritas @MariaBartiromo @TuckerCarlson @JackPosobiec @SenRonJohnson @replouiegohmert @DanPatrick @RepAndyBiggsAZ @RepGregSteube @RepGaryPalmer @MTG4America @Jim_Jordan @RepJodyHice @RepTroyNehls @RepYvette @RepGregSteube

We know and fuck the feds! There we have said it. Share
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:03:53
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Gettr: pylhol4768

Honestly compared to Zelensky, the political leaders in USA are pathetic. All sides. Maby except a few good ones. But as for president? No way is Biden or Trump half the man Zelensky is. He is corrupt like all politicians but he stood his ground, the western leaders would have fled 10 times by now
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 22:00:51
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Gettr: pyl8xhc9e2

Trump said something like: oh if in charge i would take some US planes paint them in CCP colour and atack moscow and then blame it on the CCP:)) yeah right. Like that ever works in the real world. He also said that if he were in Power he would drop the nuke on Moscow if they would try something funny:)) Yeah right. He has zero ideea of the real world and how things go. He is a clown, a vaxxed one. Biden is also incompetent, he cant even build a pipe in USA, needs to import oil from Venezuela.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:56:39
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Gettr: pylw65b73b

I really hope Putin will atack USA and then we will see how you react when someone says: But it really is the USA army shelling the civilians!!! These people thinking that a defending army would bomb its civilians have been brainwashed by covid and are probably vaxxed sheeps
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:54:15
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Gettr: pylre64164

I really hope Putin will atack Alaska so that americans who say Putin is so great can see what it means to support him. Alaska was Russia, you know
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:42:19
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Gettr: pylbo71b5c

 joh_fredersen / @joh_fredersen 03/06/2022 21:41:36
Gettr: crcws55eba
Truckers are about ending the declared “Covid Emergency” and bringing accountability to the Covidian malefactors. But you’re being distracted by Ukraine just like the MSM wants you to be. Stop. Stay in your lane.

How about you and others just stfup?
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:35:32
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Gettr: pylmg7068f

USA and UK are far away from Russia, what escalation of war, give Ukraine planes and thats it! If not planes then drones. To finish the conflict. Screw Putin with his threats
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:24:37
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“Mortality by neoplasia and cellular telephone base stations” is a 10 year study by the Belo Horizonte Brazil Health Department and several universities in Brazil that found an elevated relative risk of cancer mortality at residential distances of 500 meters or less from cell installations (Dode 2011). Shortly after this study was published, the city prosecutor sued several cell phone companies and requested that almost half of the city’s antennas be removed. Many antennas were dismantled.

There are ways to counter 5G EMF Poisoning, click here to see them:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:21:57
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Image Name: 07c5cc491f6f2b628b631208440794e3.jpg
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Nothing to see here ... just a $2.8M wire transfer from Pfizer to the FDA
Follow us: and lets bring Pfizer down
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:19:54
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Image Name: 3592d7098b30d2797269750b8c5a56b94220aabc78bc77c6d6a15c2dade5560c.mp4
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Cool way to help the Ukranians
Follow us on twitter: to support
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:12:59
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Image Name: f3f573c4fd83428bbe2361ca439e22caf2c390c8414e3ace1ae927cb6c2f7198.mp4
Filename: f3f573c4fd83428bbe2361ca439e22caf2c390c8414e3ace1ae927cb6c2f7198.mp4

DC Beltway was a success because thousands of people came to the town near DC and had lots of fun. The rest, the mandates will fall anyway. Follow us to support:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:10:26
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Image Name: df77a4cf8d331b4fe388275902e3d3e7a8f2220def41ad35e819d107655a14df.mp4
Filename: df77a4cf8d331b4fe388275902e3d3e7a8f2220def41ad35e819d107655a14df.mp4

Event was a success with thousands of people coming in for freedom
Follow us to support:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 21:06:49
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Image Name: 6a5a7d7368aa67e6ff0e5aea9478afd4.jpg
Filename: 6a5a7d7368aa67e6ff0e5aea9478afd4.jpg

Russian republics that could declare independence. Why do they need Moscow holding them back? Some would be very rich on their own
Follow us on twitter:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 20:37:34
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Gettr: pyl244e759

It is wrong for the Biden Administration to beg for oil from Venezuela & legitimize Maduro’s communist regime during an official visit.

The U.S. should hold Maduro accountable while increasing domestic energy production so we won’t need to rely on hostile regimes for energy.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 20:27:41
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Gettr: pykqk9f072

Given the info in the Pfizer studies, the vaccine wars have killed more than 4 milion people and crippled just as many, this is the largest war which needs to be prosecuted and the guilty people respond for their war crimes.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 20:25:44
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Gettr: pykuq7df48

In 2016, the researchers published a joint update to their findings showing that the number of organ transplants conducted in China is much higher than previously believed, and that the death from illicit organ harvesting could be as high as 1,500,000.[22] The 789-page report is based on an analysis of records from hundreds of Chinese transplant hospitals. CCP killed 1.5 million people only from the Falung Gong "cult" from 1991 to 2016. Also these people died a horrible death. This is the true evil, before CCP lectures the West, they will pay for their crimes.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 20:20:36
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Gettr: pykzfd928d

In 8 years of the Iraqi war, the USA army killed 120000 civilians. That is 4 civilians per day killed by the USA army. In 10 days of conflict the Russian Army killed 3000 civilians already! That is 300 civilians daily! Why? Because the Russian Army also deliberatly atacks civilians, the USA army much less. Yes there is a difference between the two armies. Also the CCP army, you dont want to know how many civilians they kill in a war.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 20:18:25
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Image Name: 8d67ac56aa1ed76ba982a0cec235e3dc9a8a49d17962b96c238b5ada6cbe4ce0.mp4
Filename: 8d67ac56aa1ed76ba982a0cec235e3dc9a8a49d17962b96c238b5ada6cbe4ce0.mp4

Feb 22 Canberra Parliament House.
1.4 million vehicles entered Canberra before this event. Historic numbers this weekend.
Follow us on twitter to help:
Rumble video:
Protect your private IP adress when surfing online, use a VPN so that the police or governments won't track you, more info here:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 20:16:20
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Anyone comparing Russia with USA, look how many civilians killed the URSS in Afganistan and then look at how many civilians killed USA in Afganistan. Between 500000 to 2 mil civilians killed by the Russians, between 50000 and 100000 killed by the americans. Military men, 61000 killed by the USA army, between 150k to 200k by the Russian army. Russian army kills 10 times more civilians than the USA army. And this happens in Ukraine now too.
 The People’s Convoy / @peoplesconvoy 03/06/2022 19:33:24
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 StevenDogP / @StevenDogP 03/06/2022 19:32:25
Gettr: pykp7wdf70
@peoplesconvoy Anyone else find it strange that nobody is posting anything here? I was at the rally when the convoy left California. It was amazing to be a small of it. Enthusiasm has grown with every mile and yet nobody is wanting to share their experiences? Something is very wrong here.

My apologies I was originally the one who took over but I’ve been here and very busy recently. The person I had helping me has been dealing with other social media pages and we have just been very busy. I will try to fix this but please bear with me.
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 19:14:31
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 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 19:08:53
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Image Name: 57ee43ea958352d8dbe1804306e6fa5370cda009beee6e5211b6de6dc0564f42.mp4
Filename: 57ee43ea958352d8dbe1804306e6fa5370cda009beee6e5211b6de6dc0564f42.mp4

JUST IN: Video Footage of The Peoples Convoy arriving at the DC Beltway.
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 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 19:03:52
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Gettr: pykpwma520

Wrong assesement: I’m dying laughing. We didn’t need government forces to stop the Peoples Convoy. The DC Beltway and the normally hyper aggressive everyday DMV area drivers did it for us. What a clown show.
The Truckers were light today, next day we will be more aggresive
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 18:54:42
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Gettr: pykvav71b3

Anonymous hackers said that they hacked Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi, as well as TV channels Russia 24, First Channel, Moscow 24, and broadcasted live footage of what was happening in #Ukraine.
Follow us on twitter to help:
Rumble video:
Protect your private IP adress when surfing online, use a VPN so that the police or governments won't track you, more info here:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 18:53:09
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Gettr: pyl5rwb23a

Image Name: 36ecfa70014c100f62e0f7bd2fe27d1a29e516857a547f09fd68921fb48d9f2b.mp4
Filename: 36ecfa70014c100f62e0f7bd2fe27d1a29e516857a547f09fd68921fb48d9f2b.mp4

Anonymous hackers said that they hacked Russian streaming services Wink and Ivi, as well as TV channels Russia 24, First Channel, Moscow 24, and broadcasted live footage of what was happening in #Ukraine.
Follow us on twitter to help:
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 18:49:36
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Gettr: pykeg2078f

 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 18:45:59
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Gettr: pykkz1c763

Opinion: Am I the only one who doesn't understand why the #PeoplesConvoy is "protesting pandemic restrictions" that don't exist anywhere in the US?
Fact: We protest the murders of milions via vaccines
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 18:04:59
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Gettr: pykj1d0f18

Image Name: 2e2c4d50b9d220afa9de0b82af17e84f.jpg
Filename: 2e2c4d50b9d220afa9de0b82af17e84f.jpg

Get familiar with #Transnistria

You will soon be hearing a lot more about it.

 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 17:56:34
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Gettr: pykqni6042

Funny, we support the anti war in Ukraine campaign and the Truckers campaign, we are the best from both sides. Also anti war everywhere
 Truckers4Freedom / @Truckers4Fredom 03/06/2022 17:55:38
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Gettr: pyk81c2e53

Every time Kremlin announced a safe ‘green corridor’ for Ukrainians, it targeted them deliberately instead. This had happened in Ilovaysk and Debaltseve. This is happening in Mariupol, Volnovakha and Irpin now.
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