Q / @q 05/10/2022 20:04:12
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 Yale PhD / @YalePhD 05/09/2022 22:13:16
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Ask and though shalt receive…

I just asked at @q for a clue and @q graciously responded. @q just liked my first post on the top of this linked thread. It contains my list originally liked by @q sometime ago, but I also added a few posts which differ by 117, so I’m not sure if it was a like for the list again or a new component of the analysis presented there. @q?

@prayingmedic @anon_fa_mous @JuliansRum @stormypatriotjoe +++

 SkibylDog / @SkibylDog 05/10/2022 19:28:22
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This is amazing stuff.

Indeed. Yet the original correlation remains to be discovered.

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