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Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 04/17/2020 22:27:29 ID: c5f482
8kun/qresearch: 8833141

Anonymous 04/17/2020 22:25:12 ID:34d470
8kun/qresearch: 8833079

Ex-military here, Q.

Please don't let us down.

We were willing to die then and still willing to die now.

Do us proud, please.

For God and Country, Brother.
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 04/15/2020 14:14:48 ID: 77f610
8kun/qresearch: 8802499

Anonymous 04/15/2020 14:07:49 ID:043cb0
8kun/qresearch: 8802424
I suspect there are still a ton of sleepers re: Paul Ryan et al….

Do you think it was Paul Ryan's choice to step down?
Rising star in [R] party?
Speaker of the H?
Do you think it was Sen. Flake's choice to step down?
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 03/23/2020 19:13:55 ID: b32e47
8kun/qresearch: 8537514

Image Name: 2007_C_.jpg
Filename: de565ac37f14e66132e854f850065f1c9b6362c7db52f61ae3b5a94efec34493.jpg

“the CHINA virus”
Worth remembering:
Wuhan Institute of Virology [geo location]?
[1st biosafety lvl 4 lab – 2015]
City/Province origin – hot zone [geo location]?
“Unbeknownst to Harvard University beginning in 2011, Lieber became a “Strategic Scientist” at [Wuhan] University of Technology (WUT) in China and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents Plan from in or about 2012 to 2017.”
[rapid spread]
>End POTUS rally(s)?
>End POTUS econ gains?
>End POTUS unemployment gains?
>End POTUS [A, B, C, D, ……]?
[weaken prior to P_elec?]
>Delay US/China trade negotiations?
[China pref Biden[+VP] as P?]
>Shelter [Biden] public appearances?
>Shelter [Biden] debate(s)?
>Push new/revised P_2020 > vote by mail? [unsecure]
>Push [D] ‘wish list’ [unrelated] items CV Bill [voting amends]?
What is the mathematical probability this occurs [the ‘time bomb’ explodes] at the exact point in time that allows for maximum damage [above] prior to the P_elec?
Outside of standard deviation?
[Mueller failed]
[Impeachment failed]
>Why was it critically important impeachment be rushed in the House?
[MSM[D party]/Hollywood narrative(s) failed]
[D] party leading nominee established [super T] prior to lock-down [take-over]? [Sanders ELIM_Biden_FRONT]
Occam's razor simply states that of any given set of explanations for an event occurring, the simplest one is most likely the correct one.
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 02/17/2020 17:11:14 ID: c0e5f6
8kun/qresearch: 8166443

Image Name: EMfJo6SVAAEfQdA.png
Filename: 9c15796cd2aa0a6bafdb51a9d5727c4f16ae6b6a6f4252c12908ccdb0a636ed4.png
Purpose: [D]s install numerous rules and regs re: [D] party nomination winner?
Define 'superdelegates'.
How do you control the outcome?
Why is the outcome important?
When [GS] calls who races to answer?
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/16/2019 18:14:56 ID: 3def7f
8kun/qresearch: 7527706

Anonymous 12/16/2019 18:13:48 ID:8f08bc
8kun/qresearch: 7527690

>The Department of Justice said this month that it could not release records on Democrat technology aide Imran Awan due to “technical difficulties,” but later admitted in court documents that it could not release records on him because there is a secret ongoing case related to the matter.

>could not release records on him because there is a secret ongoing case related to the matter.

>secret ongoing case related to the matter.

secret ongoing case related to the matter.

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 12/15/2019 16:55:10 ID: 6c75be
8kun/qresearch: 7517694

Anonymous 12/15/2019 16:49:09 ID:162f9b
8kun/qresearch: 7517634
Image Name: ClipboardImage.png
Filename: b5d56b24fd19b9b69e060b251314748a1fcecdb7b7145e4886c3c026a895cc8b.png

We have three things issued at 1:29 aka Q-watch time:
>IG report
>Durham rebuttal
>Barr rebuttal
We have confirmation that there are no coincidences.
So that means one of three things:
1. Horowitz, Durham and Barr are all in communication with Q
2. Horowitz, Durham and Barr were specifically directed by Q+ to issue their reports/rebuttals at precisely 1:29 PM ("Why, POTUS?" "You'll find out. Just do it.")
3. Some combination of the above.

Time[ing] is important.
How many coincidences [use of coincidences essential not to violate NAT SEC?] before mathematically impossible?
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