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Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/26/2018 18:43:27 ID:
8chan/greatawakening: 62

Read slowly and carefully.
Will become critically important in coming weeks.
Continue to track those who are resigning across all platforms.
Where there was once darkness, there will now be LIGHT.
Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/23/2018 21:30:34 ID: 58e607
8chan/qresearch: 142428

How’s Russia?
Almost time.
Anonymous 11/20/2017 03:17:31 ID: 8GzG+UJ9
4chan/pol: 150170181

Anonymous 11/20/2017 03:10:48 ID:9Ygs+P0g
4chan/pol: 150169796
You guys are missing the importance of Hugh Hefner! Think of it this way.
>Hugh invites over celeb/politician
>Hugh offers them "something younger"
>Hugh offers them a "safe space" to do it in
>Hugh tapes encounter
>Sends tape to CIA
>CIA has person by the balls for LIFE.

This is MAJORLY IMPORTANT to what has been keeping people in control for so long!

Anonymous 11/05/2017 19:57:33 ID: hHkrVD7x
4chan/pol: 148155343

Anonymous 11/05/2017 19:55:14 ID:HpMXQdk5
4chan/pol: 148154996
Image Name: 30059B4D-41BE-4A63-9BC7-5BFF618390C0.png
Filename: 1509929714012.png

They cut the feed trying to shut him down. Remember what Q said. They were waiting for this. Whatever is happening, is happening now. Archive EVERYTHING

Nothing is a coincidence.
We are at war.
SA cut the strings.
They are scrambling for cover and using any means necessary out of their remaining power/control.
God bless.
Anonymous 11/02/2017 19:07:54 ID: WBXFv1gI
4chan/pol: 147680054

Please refer back and collect my crumbs.
As discussed, we've anticipated the Twitter and other social media blackouts.
Rogue agents/programmers.
Per sealed Federal orders, we quickly tracked and reinstated.
Expect outages periodically (infiltrated).
If this doesn't signal what I've been saying I don't know what will.
Anonymous 10/31/2017 23:31:00 ID: grTMpzrL
4chan/pol: 147437247

Get the popcorn, Friday & Saturday will deliver on the MAGA promise. POTUS knows he must clean house (gov't) in order to 'free up' and demonstrate who has authority in order to pass important legislation. This was always the priority. Remember, AG Sessions cannot look like an impartial player that is out to get all former Obama team members as we need him for other important work. All will come into focus and for anyone to think POTUS is not in control is kidding themselves. Also, he's 100% insulated with zero risk of impeachment (fact).
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