On The "TO-DO" List:
1. Fix the search engine so we can search for characters like [RR]. (DONE)
2. Allow searching on calculated drop number values (i.e. Drop 1234 = 1+2+3+4 = 10, so search for all Q drop numbers that add up to 10). (DONE)
3. Allow searching on calculated epoch timestamp values (i.e. Epoch ES = 1572726503 = 1+5+7+2+7+2+6+5+0+3 = 38, so search for all epoch TS that add up to 38). (DONE)
4. If we get enough Patrons, I can get the resources to generate unique link preview images for each Q post so what when you drop a link on Twitter, Facebook etc. it shows the real Q Drop. (DONE)
5. Fix the links so that they don't say 8ch.net any more! (DONE)
6. Find a way to add a count-up clock for the most current Q drop so the "has not posted" is a live number. (DONE)
7. Add links to each drop for linking to the "Read" post and the image of the post. (DONE)
8. Fix search highlighting that gets unpredictable with multi-word quoted strings. (DONE)
9. Figure out why quoted search terms do not work from mobile devices. (DONE)
10. Add an alternate lighter color scheme. (DONE)
11. Undisclosed special things.
12. Build a better search system. (DONE)
13. Start adding Steganographic functions. (DONE)
14. Add Q Drop number to inset replies so you can tell when Q is replying to himself. (DONE)
15. Add Trump tweets and deleted tweets. (DONE)