Q / @q 05/24/2022 19:20:53
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 🇺🇸WWG1WGA⚔️🐸⚔️ / @wwg1wga 05/24/2022 17:50:23
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@q Posted this on April 11, 2022:

“Relax man. You won't know the storm hit until you're in the eye of it. Prepare like you're in the storm, yes - but don't live like you're in the storm until you know for certain.”

Then they posted this video last night 5/23 with the caption:

“Gif original from approx. 5 mins ago. ⛈ seems to be here”

Interesting 🤔 to say the least…

 LibertyPDX🦁🇺🇲 / @LibertyPDX 05/24/2022 17:52:17
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Some of us posted the same gif the night before and got none of the love 😂😂😂 ... Personally, taking this q account seriously is humorous at best.

Care to reference these posts of my gif you speak of. Took this myself minutes prior to posting. Your accusations are not only implausible, but impossible.

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