Q / @q 05/23/2022 19:43:54
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 Adel Nero aka 412Anon / @412 05/23/2022 19:16:05
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I followed Q and have no regrets covering Q.

I believe DJT had direct knowledge and involvement in the Q operation while it was live. Too many proofs to deny.

I think Q was an extremely important backchannel of information + phase of the great awakening.

Many of us who work together daily now to dig and produce content would have never have even met if not for Q.

Q was so effective that the MSM still attacks it almost daily over a years since the last post.

Take your shots


 Justin / @Captn4212 05/23/2022 19:24:52
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You can’t be dumb enough to think that the “plan” is what we are living through.

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