Q / @q 02/26/2022 09:23:46
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 Karen N / @karenn 02/26/2022 08:51:29
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You aren’t alone! My 19 year old son thinks I’m bat s**t crazy. Last week he goes ‘I keep waiting for this I told you so moment you keep saying is going to happen yet nothing happens mom’. Then I get mad and say TONS of stuff is happening, you just don’t have eyes to see 😐

 L8NITE / @L8NITE 02/26/2022 09:12:06
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Honestly I hope it is all true! That there is a plan to eradicate these evil creatures. And please know I’m not degrading you in any way. Believe what you want. Who am I to judge. I’m fed up with anyone willing to preying on the hope of innocent people. For me, I put my hope in God. And I pray that God watches over anyone who is doing battle with these devils. At the time I made those posts last night I wasn’t aware that the the q account was only goofing.

 AndieRay / @AndieRay 02/26/2022 09:17:18
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I’m on edge right now. My son serving overseas. I’m not someone who jokes about things. I can’t relax and joke about flannel and stupid shit! If “we the people” are the ones who are supposed to save the world then Let’s Go’! I’m all in! Say the word!

Praying for your son and family.

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