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Beginning where I left off just after lunch.

Durham brings up the communications with Charles Dolan. Defense is objecting on basis of hearsay. Judge Trenga asks Durham to rephrase the question.

In relation to Mr. Dolan, Durham directs Mr. Auten to not mention anything about what Steele said.

Auten: "I received some characterizations regarding the sources of the Steele dossier." Steele gave Charles Dolan as a name.

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Durham reiterates to Mr. Auten that Danchenko said that he himself was responsible for a sizeable amount of the intel for the Steele dossier: 80% of the raw intelligence and 50% of the analysis. Durham is raising this to infer that there may be a reason Danchenko left out Charles Dolan, as Auten then says Danchenko never brought up Dolan’s name.

Durham asks Auten, given Dolan’s connection to Crossfire Hurricane, that if his name had been mentioned, he would remember, right? Auten agrees.

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Danchenko did not provide records to the FBI regarding himself and Mr. Dolan. Auten says that in January 2017 prior to Danchenko’s FBI interview, the Bureau was only concerned with Dolan on a preliminary investigation level. Following Danchenko’s interview, the Bureau began to dig more extensively during the months of April, May, and June of 2017.

Durham asks if Auten was told about Danchenko’s meeting in Moscow during the January 2017 interview. Auten says yes; however during Durham’s examination it’s revealed that Danchenko did not make any mention of this meeting in Moscow having to do with Dolan. In early October of 2016, Danchenko and Charles Dolan attended a meeting in Moscow together, as well as a separate meeting in Moscow later in June 2017.

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