Q / @q 04/23/2022 07:47:49
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 anon_fa_mous / @anon_fa_mous 04/23/2022 01:58:48
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Yea I’ve posted the majority of the posts separately related to certain topics but we should have all 15 posts in one spot. You go for it!

 AwakenedOutlaw ⭐️⭐️⭐️ / @AwakenedOutlaw 04/23/2022 02:04:40
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I figured it would be just good to snare them all together so we can continue considering them side by side as we (hopefully) figure it out.

 anon_fa_mous / @anon_fa_mous 04/23/2022 02:06:50
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Great idea! Maybe we can get little q to like one of the posts lol

Remember the Queen, too

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