Q / @q 04/20/2022 11:43:09
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 LillyPutian / @LillyP 04/20/2022 07:09:22
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Of course anyone can have an opinion on ANYthing. And the beauty of @truthsocial is that we are free to express those opinions. But quite honestly, at one point, you insinuated (to a degree) that something outlandish or far-fetched should not be allowed. THAT is what many people here have a problem with. We embrace this platform because it DOES allow it.

Americans are pretty dang smart

 Wishing Karma / @WishingKarma 04/20/2022 08:43:00
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Good morning ☕️

Yeah, we pretty much beat this topic to death yesterday. Continue discussing it if you’d like with others. Feel free to scroll through the whole thread and see what the conclusion ending up being.

Have a great day @LillyP!

 John Kinsella / @johnnydiego 04/20/2022 08:50:09
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Yea we sure did. And I’m good with where we both ended up. It was a great discussion.

This right here is the best part about TS. Differing opinions, respectful arguments - and most importantly: no overlords to get in the way of real discourse. This is how we make each other better.

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