The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:21:36
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 The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:20:14
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7. I’m not going to re-live the trauma that I experienced after spending the last 6 months getting bullied and slandered, and having to go to court with abusers (Breb) who are ANTIFA posing as anons. I’m sick of it. If you want to be dirty for absolutely no reason, I will call you out for everyone to see, not behind your back.

 The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:20:52
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You’re really good friends with Breb, and you talked all the smack about @WeTheMedia constantly and are now targeting them in an attempt to get clout because I won’t be there to bump you so they are your next move? Cozying up to @KateAwakening publicly after falsely calling her a Playboy honeypot in private, questioning her legitimacy?

 The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:21:08
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Does @realBenBradbury know you also called him “stalker Ben” before adding him to the group? You pretend to be an alpha male online with a name like “Libertas” yet here you are hatching a plan to abuse women for not bending the knee to what you want.

8. I’m disappointed in any @AnonAlliance members going along with this. If you aren’t aware and did not know that this is what @Libertas was up to, feel free to message me in private and we will get it sorted, because all I wanted was peace. If you are part of this and okay’d him to be treating me like this, as though I’m the first group member to leave? Shame on you, it’s absolutely disgusting and not what we should be fostering as a community.

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