The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:13:39
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 The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:12:48
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All I want is to contribute in peace. In the past, I never defended myself against slander; but I learned I must fight for what I love: sharing news here.

@Libertas would you like to explain why you’re being disgusting to me behind the scenes because I respectfully wanted to exit @AnonAlliance & be on my own again? Did you think I would sit docile while you ran around messaging my friends in private trying to alienate everyone I ever shared news with, without calling it out?

 The Real Toria Brooke / @wqnderwqman 06/04/2022 19:13:16
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How I thought it was going to go: I peacefully part ways with @AnonAlliance having zero ill will and remaining friends, continuing to share each other’s posts voluntarily. I wasn’t aware when I signed up I was supposed to remain in the group until I die, subject to regulated groupthink where I am being forced at metaphorical gunpoint to share only posts that were designated by others that don’t align with my content or my aspirations in life.

I made a professional decision to put my journalistic future first and go solo again, as I always have been since 2020. I feel that journalistic freedom is essential to my platform and the connections I have made in real life.

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