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#0170: A middle aged white female who works as a tax attorney with a low level security clearance in research and writing and has practiced at an accounting firm. She clerked at the Federal District Court for the summer. Her spouse is a real estate attorney. She says she hasn’t heard anything about the case. Her father-in-law is a former prosecutor in southern Maryland, and is now a state court judge.

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#0175: Elderly African American retired female that used to work at the Department of Defense; she worked in mainly administrative services. She says she likes Judge Judy and laughed when the judge said that this trial will be nothing like Judge Judy. She experienced a shooting during the 1980s and didn’t like that they gave the perpetrator a plea bargain.

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#0757: Disheveled white female in her 30s or 40s who works in the sales of wines and spirits. Donated to the DNC in 2016, HRC, and AOC, and says she has strong opinions about the 2016 election and a strong opinion about Trump, to the point that she has a little doubt in her mind that she could be unbiased. She has not heard about the case.

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