Christina Pushaw 🐊 🇺🇸 / @ChristinaPushaw 05/30/2022 09:50:36
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 JKLMD / @jklmd123 05/29/2022 00:59:16
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Fellow zero Covid-ers- what's your long-term plan?

 Dr. Mild Yet Still Mysterious / @sammy4723 05/29/2022 01:05:06
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@jklmd123 Wait until the pod people hit 9-10 SARS reinfections. Their brains and organ systems will all give out. They won’t be able to walk .. Once that happens. We can slowly rebuild …

 Dr. Mild Yet Still Mysterious / @sammy4723 05/29/2022 01:29:52
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@jklmd123 The good news for us. Is the human organism. Can’t take 9-10 reinfections of SARS.. If we just wait it out. They will all be disabled. If they can’t walk. They can’t super spread 🦠

 LaGenevoisedeservice / @RightsRobins 05/30/2022 02:24:15
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I love being empathetic and also very very anti-ableism!! https://twitter.com/sammy4723/status/1530783462738874368

@RightsRobins Yiiiiiiikes
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