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Important notes: In August 2016 Joffe tasked Novic with a PDF document that contained multiple individuals, and the names of their spouses, emails, addresses, etc. "The PDF included "names of Russian companies, Russian affiliations, some foreign names and some I recognized in the news so I knew it to be a political request." The first name was Carter Page.

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Novic said the whole thing felt like opposition research and made him very uncomfortable, so he contacted Victor Oppelman, a friend also on BitVoyant board and engaged with Joffe in other companies, like LaTorral Ventures, the ones who provided the PDF. Despite Oppelman being uncomfortable also, they “reluctantly moved forward.” Novick assigned 3 analysts to follow through with the tasking. They named the project CRIMSON RHINO because Novic didn’t want people to see it was about Trump.

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Novic told agents he did not get along with Joffe. On Sept. 12, 2021, Novic told agents there was a "friction" between them. Novic admitted that the data they were working on, he was told by Joffe, was supposed to go to a lawyer.

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