Q / @q 04/12/2022 07:40:00
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 Qurham17 / @Qurham17 04/11/2022 18:28:18
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You are Q’s little brother. I appreciate that. But how about cranking it up a few notches since there are Storm clouds gathering?

 Q / @q 04/11/2022 18:33:50
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Relax man. You won’t know the storm hit until you’re in the eye of it. Prepare like you’re in the storm, yes - but don’t live like you’re in the storm until you know for certain.

 Chipps47 / @Chipps47 04/12/2022 07:36:56
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Fuck you q. True Patriots know who runs q.

Damn, such verbal hostility… but yeah, this could be true

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