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 Q / @q 06/08/2022 16:24:32
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Great idea. We need more conservative-minded folks in the arts industry. Sadly our production quality from movies to graphics is pale in comparison to our opponents. Which, side-note, is honestly what makes this app stand out so much more among other social platforms - some real quality production and pleasing aesthetics. So, if you have kids who love making films, writing books, and drawing art - encourage them to keep doing it! Just stay based.

 Q / @q 06/08/2022 16:29:48
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Just Stay Based - I like the sound of that. Much better than Just Do It. But also, fuck Nike

 I Drink Liberal Tears / @oceanize 06/08/2022 16:30:41
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Nike enslaves children... FUCK NIKE

Say it louder for the people in the back 📢

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