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Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 06/13/2020 16:45:56 ID: 7e5786
8kun/qresearch: 9601117

Image Name: EaWb3M9WoAALEEZ.jpg
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Symbolism will be their downfall.
They are fighting to regain control.
You stand in their way.
You awake is their greatest fear.
Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/08/2018 20:50:07 ID: 2706bb
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Q !xowAT4Z3VQ 04/08/2018 20:39:12 ID:2706bb
8chan/qresearch: 958655
Social media contacts?
Worked for WHO?
ACCESS level?
Find ALL pics.
Bigger than you know.
One example of many.

POTUS ISIS focus and destroy 1 year?
vs HUSSEIN 8 years?
vs GWB?
DC access.
Sold out.
Bring back the gallows!
Q !ITPb.qbhqo 12/07/2017 21:35:19 ID: 913bb1
8chan/cbts: 51750

Image Name: 3155B65F-063D-445E-A3BD-5….jpeg
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Image Name: E349DAAB-AEE3-45EF-B056-2….jpeg
Filename: 9c4ed757ea86fc8841600882ae5d920f90b4cda863552b673f6b6d401f7020ce.jpeg

Anonymous 11/06/2017 16:51:29 ID: KKIreCTB
4chan/pol: 148287326

What is money flow disruption?
List the Billionaires.
What family history goes back pre_WW1/2?
Why is this relevant?
Why did the Bush family recently break silence and attack POTUS?
Coincidence pre SA arrests?
Who audits the billions paid for war?
Who audits the billions paid for environment policy (side note)?
Where do the funds go?
To who / which entity and/or org?
What slush fund was recently terminated by AG Sessions?
What is Fast & Furious?
What is the underlying theme?
Who controls the FED?
How did political leaders/’talking heads’ accum assets in excess of $5mm+?
What was the net worth for each prior to taking office?
Why is this relevant?
Snow White.
Godfather III.
Anonymous 11/06/2017 16:50:33 ID: KKIreCTB
4chan/pol: 148287184

Image Name: CH_Navy_Bund.jpg
Filename: 1510005033971.jpg

Why was the arrest of Alwaleed and others important?
How is Alwaleed and BO tied to HUMA?
Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?
What is HUMA? Define.
What book was BO caught reading?
Why was this immediately disregarded as false?
What is ‘Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria’?
Why is this relevant?
Why would the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA be reading this book?
What church did BO attend as pre-POTUS?
Who was BO’s mentor?
How is Alwaleed and HRC connected?
Who was HRC’s mentor?
How is Alwaleed and Bush Sr./Jr. connected?
What occurred post 9-11?
What war did we enter into?
What was the purpose and disclosures given re: justification?
Who financed 9-11?
Why, recently, are classified 9-11 pages being released?
What just occurred in SA?
What FOIA docs are being publicly released (recently)?
Why is this relevant?
What information is contained within these c-releases?
Why is C Wray important with regards to these releases?
What does money laundering mean?
What is the single biggest event that can generate many nation states to payout billions?
Who audits where the money goes?
$15,000 for a toothbrush?
Why did we attack Iraq?
Who are they?
What do they specialize in?
What is oil field service?
Why is this relevant?
What ‘senior’ level political officials are affiliated w/ Halliburton?
What is the primary goal?
What is the primary mode of influence that drives corruption?
What does money buy?
How is this connected to SA?
How is this connected to Alwaleed?
How is this connected to LV?
Anonymous 11/05/2017 00:15:02 ID: v3eCc2tY
4chan/pol: 148016670

[Repost Lost]
Martial law declared in SA.
Why is this relevant?
How much money was donated to CF by SA?
How much money was donated to John M Institute by SA?
How much money was donated to Pelosi Foundation?
How much money was donated to CS by SA?
What other bad actors have been paid by SA (bribed)(Not just D's)?
Why did the Bush family recently come out against POTUS?
Who is good?
What are the laws in SA v. US (charged criminals)?
What information might be gained by these detainees?
Why is this important?
SA ---> US
What force is actively deployed in SA?
Have faith.
These, the crumbs, in time, will equate to the biggest drops ever disclosed in our history.
Remember, disinformation is real.
God bless.
Alice & Wonderland.
The Great Awakening.
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